While I try to quote my work as best I can before starting, every return is different.  The more organised clients are, the more efficient I can be – so I can charge you less money.  I do all the returns myself, I don’t hand them off to an unqualified junior, hence  the premium on the quick and fast big brand names.

Minimum Rates (ALL ex-GST)

-Basic personal returns $170 (Basic Australian wages, bank accounts and dividend income)

-Sole trader returns (Bookkeeping already fully completed to tax accounting needs) starting from $280
-Company/Partnership/ Trust Returns  Starting from $650. Does not include full end of year reporting and analysis.
None of the above fees include (for example): Capital Gains, Property, Additional Investments and Foreign Income.
Deposits are required before the commencement of any work.  Any additional bookkeeping work will be charged at bookkeeping rates. General tax advice meetings or emails will be charged out at $160 per hour.